Outfit : Orange Brown Leather Jacket

My sis really did not like  this jacket when I picked it out since it had bleached orange detailings but I disagree, I think it gives it some character :). Plus its different from the other ones I currently have! So why not!

Jacket : Fashion Rush          Maroon Blouse : TJ Maxx 
Jeans : no brand       Boots : Steve Madden
Scarf : Hand-Knitted

This outfit is a typical outfit I would wear when meeting up with friends for a quick dinner at night. Some black or blue jeans, boots, and a faux leather jacket. Also, the scarf worn in this outfit and most knitted scarves I wear are hand knitted/crocheted by me. It is so simple and so therapeutic at times! Maybe I will have a tutorial one day. Definitely a challenge to demonstrate just through pictures, but if you can't wait, I recommend those expert knitters/crocheters YouTubers!


  1. oh to live in a place where you could wear this little in winter.. California is the place to be during these months! I love the orange in the jacket, and it really brings out your hair color. julie // northern rustication

    1. Thanks Julie :)! Maybe we can switch places for the winter! Even though I love the Californian sun, snow in the winter makes it winter! Plus, hot chocolate sounds better in the cold.