Outfit : Sweater Over a Velvet Dress

Happy October! Sweater weather in California is almost near! We’ve been getting spotty weather lately. Some days it’ll be nice 80s and other days we’ll go back into the 100s. Can’t wait for cooler nights - cozying up in a warm blanket, eat/drink pumpkin/cinnamon flavored everything, wear beanies, wear boots, sweaters, layers, burn candles….and so much more!

Dress : TJMaxx             Sweater: Forever21

Boots : Wet Seal             Purse : Thrifted

To the outfit - on those occasionally cooler afternoons, I like to pull over a jumper/sweater on top of my dresses. With this, I can go out and if ever it gets too hot, I could just take it off. Plus, I love how a sweater over a dress plays down the outfit, making it more wearable and casual. This TJMaxx dress I purchased last year never had its debut because sometimes it was too flashy to wear, but under a sweater, this makes the perfect outfit! The velvet stands out just enough. I think I’ll  be sporting more jumpers/sweaters over dresses this season. Layering casual long sleeves with more fun pieces makes interesting combos!

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  1. Love the outfit! I have a silvery velvet dress that is too flashy to wear casually, but I'll try out this pairing :)