Outfit : Simple Black and White Work Day

This week has been especially busy at work for me. Loads and loads of projects after projects to work on. Excel is definitely not the best eye candy. Especially when you have to stare at it for 8 hours. & yesterday, I once again had to tackle one of my biggest fears - presenting! Therefore, in preparation for my presentation, I try to keep my look to a minimal - from head to toe. The presentation stressed me out enough, and worrying about how I look on days like this was not an option. So, keeping my look worry-free - I stayed with the basic black and white look. Leaving my curls for today instead, and keeping everything black and white - simple!

Anyways, TGIF! 

Enough of my rambling & click the link below for my outfit details :)

Shirt : Fashion Rush (independent store)  

Blazer Cardigan : F21      Pants : F21

Handbag : Marc Jacobs     Shoes : Madden Girl 

Also, meet Candy :). She kept running to me every 5 minutes wanting to be picked up and scratched! So I did! and then asked her to go play somewhere else really quick! She is so cute! isn’t she? 

p.s I did better in this presentation!

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